Epoxy Floor Paint Features

Notepad, pen and paper ready? Good show. Here is a generous helping of epoxy floor paint. This features list, for now, focuses on typical characteristics of epoxy coatings. But to provide you with a brief entre, do note that epoxy floor coatings are strong, they are durable, and fairly resistant to moisture and chemicals. All this of course makes the epoxy floor surface, which only needs to be prepared with a gallon or two of epoxy floor paint, perfect for the commercial and/or industrial setting.

The epoxy coating is made up of base and curing agents, that’s what they’re called. Mixed together, they generate heat and when eventually hardened it becomes like good, flexible but hard plastic. Industrial and commercial property owners would want to be a bit cautious when choosing colors owing to the possibility of fading from UV exposure. So, you can get around that fading issue by simply pulling off a darker color off of the DIY shelf. But in the event, the epoxies are usually top-coated with latex and urethanes that help it retain its smart coloring and gloss.

epoxy floor paint

Manufactured epoxy parts also ensure that the finished surface product will last a lot longer than its recommended shelf life. One way to make sure that that happens is by following the product container’s housekeeping and maintenance recommendations. Epoxies may be strong and durable, but they are not infallible and will be subject to ruin if subjected to willful force. Making the epoxy application to the required surface is done and dusted within minutes. Conventional paints usually require at least 24 hours of drying time.

But not epoxy paints. It could be as dry as a bone within a matter of hours. Not minutes. That would have been pushing it a bit.