What Does a Handyman Service Charge?

Handyman services are used most often by homeowners, but also include small businesses such as bars or restaurants, home-owners associations (HOA), property management companies, and churches.

Most handymen take care of all sorts of handyman jobs in jacksonville, nc, and therefore it’s important to understand what the service includes before hiring a handyman. Most often though, the following list of tasks are generally included in the fee.

There are instances when additional costs may apply for certain projects or repairs, such as expensive plumbing work, or electrical actually requiring an electrician. In many cases, some repairs will not even be attempted unless a professional is already on-site to provide his or her expertise in this area first.

Other services that are often included in the handyman’s pricing include minor plumbing work, drywall repair and painting, caulking around tubs and showers, hanging pictures or mirrors, assembling furniture, installing or repairing blinds and shades, and TV wall mounting.

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All of the above are usually included in the handyman’s fee, however there are some instances when repairs that require a lot of skill won’t be attempted by most handymen unless they have additional experience working in this particular area. For example, all appliance repair work is best left to the manufacturer, or a person with knowledge in this area. Some handymen will offer appliance repair work as part of their services, but it’s important that you discuss this consultation before hiring someone for your project.

Well-rounded handyman service prices can vary greatly depending on location and other variables such as skill level, years of experience, and whether or not a project requires an extra set of skilled hands. Look into your options and see what is going to work best for you and the needs you have from a local handyman.